INTERCOAT (2013) | Discarded paper protection of self adhesive vinyl (Intercoat), framed and hanged. The vinyl was used for wall texts and signals in the same group exhibition in which the work was involved. The frames were assembled in such a way that each logo was always parallel or orthogonal in relation to the logos in adjacent pieces | varying measures.
EAC Montevideo


For this project I paid special attention to the areas where the gaze is not placed in an exhibition. All those things are designed to disappear. To orient the gaze towards the center.

"Intercoat is a successful manufacturer of self-adhesive laminates from all types of foil for the printing, advertising and label industries. As such, Intercoat has been a supplier of quality products to the leading finishers of the world for nearly 30 years.
Intercoat is part of the AMC AG group, a recognised and internationally successful supplier of self-adhesive papers and films."