SIMBIOSIS (2009) Symbiosis | subtraction and replacement of works exhibited in a museum, self-adhesive print mounted on the museum entrance sign, printed cards, digital flyer, open conference, rumors | varying measures.
In partnership with Aylen Crusta.
Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Emilio Caraffa, Córdoba.


Symbiosis consists in a set of montage and simulation procedures that operates on different institutional elements that surround and constitute the work of another artist.
This intervention was designed to remain on display (without authorization) at the Emilio Caraffa Fine Arts Museum, camouflaging confusedly with parts of the installation of Gerardo Repetto, that was exhibited at that moment in the museum ("Flota", 2009).
The different elements that composed our piece were meticulously adapted to the stylistic forms of the institutional resources that were encircling Repetto's work. The visibility of the montage was so minimal that several days passed without anyone noticing the intervention.
Our piece (devoid of content and composed entirely of institutional traces) emphasized the role (sometimes indispensable) played by some typical gestures of much of the contemporary production of works of art. Particularly those calling for a community which believe in a promise of dialogue, political horizontality, reflection on art, and so on.