INSTALACIÓN INDIVISIBLE S/T (2014) Indivisible untitled installation | three remarks, poster, removal and relocation of fluorescent tubes, two framed photos | varying measurements.
MUVA, Castillo Monserrat (Unquillo). Curated by Romina Castiñeira


I am interested in the idea that at the edges of a construction of history, the ephemeral and discarded events evaporate, so to speak. In the shadow of history are the ruins, which have lost meaning and are relegated to the margins. Conservation and configuration that is considered historically valuable is related to power and politics, convenient for some, or what becomes visible by its own force. But there is another history however, other histories, all those things that will never be recovered. The piece in this exhibition relates to that. It is a remark about the moment when these possible material and symbolic ruins dissolve: in the first place, architecture that was built in the 20s with materials brought from Europe and which has been poorly restored since 2000 (in this exhibition, it is claimed to be "providing value"). In the second place, an old display, that was useful as propaganda of merchandise in a show of construction supplies in 2002, and which almost was removed for the opening of this exhibition. Finally, an ex-artwork, which was once inaugurated as full of promises of participation in the global art scene, but which soon lost its meaning, to become an empty shell, not even recognizable as art.