TORRE DE PIZZA (2013) Leaning tower of pizza | 200 pizza boxes, stacked, unglued | variyng measures.
Pavilion of Fine Arts, Universidad Católica Argentina (Buenos Aires)


The challenge of a dialogue with the environmental, architectural and social space of Puerto Madero, led to the use of air currents as the principal material for the composition of a piece. The Pavilion of Fine Arts (UCA) is facing the South Dock (Dársena Sur). The room is accesible from the dock by an automatic glass door, which when opened allows air waves of varying intensity and frequency to enter.
With Torre de Pizza I decided to explore an intersection between sculpture, installation and happening. This work is part of a series of inquiries about the monument and the idea of autonomy of art.
The tower is designed to fall, yielding to fragility, a specific physical reality of its own structure relative to site conditions where it is located. I thought about this piece as an attempt to address both the space in which art is enunciated, and the temporal situation when art can occur. This means paying attention to the links between the piece and the movement of spectators: a space-time event.