ANOTHER EQUAL-PARALLEL (2011) | plastic sign installed on the floor | varying measurements.
Vicinity of MNCARS (Madrid)


About one hundred meters from the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, walking towards the Parque del Retiro on the Claudio Moyano pedestrian street, we came across a rusted steel parallelepiped. It could very well be mistaken for a Richard Serra artwork.
Contrary to those who once mistook Serra's work with real debris, (1) this secular element can be recognized (for the tourist, visitor of museums) as authentic art.

(1) "Equal-parallel: Guernica/Bengasi" by Richard Serra (San Francisco, 1939), is a work created specifically for the MNCARS. It was acquired in 1987, and lost or buried by mistake in the 90s (possibly to be used as scrap for foundations). The authorities missed him in October 2005. In 2009 was inaugurated a twin version, as part of permanent exhibition.