DECK II (2015) | found wood and collected objects | 16 x 32 mts.
IV Biennale of Art in Buenos Aires

español | français

The project consists of the construction of a decked path the width of which is approximately 50cm and the height of which varies. The trail was developed in "dialogue" with the other works on display in the Planetary Hall, CheLA, as part of the IV Biennale of Young Art in Buenos Aires.
I imagined the route of the path as a succession of fragments, sometimes providing use value: at certain elevations it can serve as a table, at others it can be a bench to sit on and watch videos.
The aim was that the piece at certain moments would be able to participate discreetly in the relation between the viewer and other pieces on display, and at other times it could be contemplated as a sculptural object. This produced an ambiguity, intermittent, between the perception of standing on something from where you look and being in front of something in order to look.
In some parts of the sculpture I used the interstices between slats to clamp together tiny elements collected from the streets of the city. This was intended to encourage a less visual, spectacle-like, sculptural experience.
Through various strategies I intended that this part of the route would be perceived as homogeneous while simultaneously, in the sight of the viewer, offering a sequence of irregular events in the form of compositions, groupings of shape similarity, material, colour, surface, etc.
Starting with these ideas, I decided to experiment with possible ‘participation values’ that a sculpture can offer, according to location and spatial relations with an environment.