DECK III (2015) | wooden, chewed gum, and other collected objects | 1,65 x 2 x 4,50 mts.
MuMu, Córdoba, Argentina

español | français

This ‘deck’ has been presented in the press release of the museum as a sculpture, but also most especially, it is a support or a pedestal. It both surrounds a segment of the wall that divides two rooms, outlining this as if it was an autonomous sculptural object, and also exposes hundreds of pieces of chewing gum collected in the streets of Buenos Aires and Cordoba during 2015.
I am currently particularly interested in the relations between material and objects that exist, and are shaped, in metropolitan space. Those objects are often artificial but are traversed by the ‘natural’ (or non-regulated) forces of the city in the era of advanced capitalism.
During my residence in Buenos Aires I have collected a large amount of discarded chewing gum from the streets of different neighbourhoods and different social places in the city.
I am concerned with the process of finding, and with the sculptural possibilities offered in the interaction between tiny objects dumped on the street and its surrounding environment.
I want to propose these pieces of chewed gum not as a ready-made work, but rather as an model of sculptural practice in contemporary art: small synthetic objects sculpted and discarded by anonymous authors that are also clear indications of performative behaviour (of subjects, markets, and society).