DECK (2015) | 380 wooden slats, 700 iron nails, partial sound recording of the construction of the piece (2:44:46 hs) | 3.15 x 5.72 mts.
With the help of Gustavo Piñero.
El Gran Vidrio Ecke Gallery (Córdoba)


The sculpture is a decked path approximately 10 cm high by 50 cm wide. It follows the contours of the gallery, leaving the entrance and the central area free. The structure, a slight perimeter, was made with rustic wooden slats.
The building process (in hours of labour) was recorded on audio file. Uninterrupted playback of this record integrates the final installation.
The space (free of any other objects), provides a three-dimensional audio experience, in some aspects sculptural, although less visual.
The system serves two principal purposes (among others): on the one hand, it performs a time displacement. The recording was made in the exhibition space: hammering, talking, and the ambient sound of exchanges recorded during the period of assembly, were captured in the same location as the display of the work.
The sound installation give voice to the operation of re-locating a “physical” point in time (the sound of labour) to the time of the display.
On the other hand, the work encourages the viewer to tour the "dead" (un-animated, silent) space of the gallery room. Note that either when the works are hung on the walls, or when these are shown separated from them, this area (the angle of 90 degrees outlining the floor of the room) is not used for the movement of people, it is unattended.

Sound clip fragment available at the bottom of this page