INSTALACIÓN SIN TÍTULO NI SEÑALIZACIONES IN SITU (2013) Untitled installation without onsite signs | mixed media | varying measurements
Pt. Wilson avenue, Punta Carretas


Catalogue text:

The current art production is a comprehensive heterogeneous-set of practices including motivations pronounced by the artists, the way their works look like or how they put them in circulation.
Some of the most radical artworks that appeared in the art history after avant-garde are what now is called site-specific artworks, a widespread practice since the eighties, but invented before their inclusion in official art programs.
By the end of the 1960s, the art object qua object began to be de-emphasized as artists became increasingly interested in the processes by which art was made and the contexts in which advanced art could exist. During the seventies decade, traditional painting and sculpture took back seat to the mixed-media environment, massive-scale sculpture, earthworks, video, performance, site-related work, and experiments with sound and light.
This contribution to the city's memorial heritage could be framed in the genre of practices related to their specific context: it is a subtle intervention into the environmental, architectural, social and political existence of the place.
As part of Sala_Taller III experience, at EAC (Contemporary Art Space) in Montevideo, the presentation of this permanent outdoors-experiment took place. It's located in the south of the city, in Punta Carretas, on Pt. Wilson avenue, beside the Monument to the Jewish people and in front of the Parque de Instrucciones del año XIII, which currently houses the Club de Golf del Uruguay.
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